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Product name: Laminated Busbar
Listing date:2017-09-14

Laminated Busbar is also called combined busbar, multi-layers busbar, bus system, busway. It’s used for high-efficient current transmission and distribution. Contrast with traditional naked copper bar and wire, laminated busbar is the highway of current. 

Product schematic diagram:


Current Power Laminated busbar advantage:

1.Lower inductance:The inductance is less than 20nh after designing improve;

2.Smaller spaceBecause the conductor is edge-sealed, other components and cabinet could contact with busbar directly. The space of the unit is reduce;

3.Wider application CP busbars are used for various classes of voltage, example for 110V, 660V, 1140V, 3300V, etc;

4.Lower temperature rising CP busbars are laminated by thin copper layers, which benefits heat distributing;

5.Lower costCP barbuars are designed easily assembling with IGBT and capacity, which reduces the assembly cost of engineers and works;

6.Perfect service CP is continuously providing customers with value-added service, for example project design, process optimization, product test, system integration;

7.Enviromental protection Raw material meets ROHS standard. Insulations meets UL94 inflaming retarding standard. 

Product case:



Typical application parameters (actual parameters according to design requirements):

Operating Voltage0-3300VAC
Operating Current0-1200A
Working Temperature-40℃ +105℃-55℃ +125℃
Working Life>150,000H
Electricity TestVoltage resistance, insulation resistance, partial discharge

Material selection:

ConductorC1100 copper, A1060 aluminum

All of the raw materials meet the demand of ROHS. Insulations reach UL requirements.

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