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Suzhou Current Power Technology Limited Company is a leading supplier of electrical connector products, provide all kinds of electrical connection bus and battery module connecting piece, high-pressure boxes and other products and solutions for customers. Products are used in aerospace, high-speed locomotives, new energy vehicles, clean energy inverter system, inverter and other fields.

Kluenter technical team has more than ten years of electrical connection of the product design, processing experience, according to customer requirements of the new design scheme is proposed to help customers or the existing optimization value for customers.

The company is located in Suzhou District of Wujiang City, with an area of 270000 square feet, equipped with a complete set of flexible production lines. The company has passed the TS16949 and ISO9001 quality management system, the workshop adopts lean production management system, to provide customers with cost competitiveness, high quality electrical connection products, in order to improve customer competitiveness.

Kluenter business philosophy: to meet customer demand, create value for society.



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