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Speed advantage:

1、 a smaller space: insulation can be used laminated busbar Kluenter insulation, insulation coating in different ways, can bus Designed in different sizes, any shape, export at any place, saving the space required for the installation of the whole.

2、 low inductance: after the design is improved, busbar inductance close to or less than 20Nh.

3、 low temperature rise: bus design target temperature is 30 DEG C.

4、 low cost, abundant experience of using field bus insulation Kluenter reduce materials and manufacturing cost.

5、 less installation time.

6、 Resistance to all kinds of environmental testing.

7、 better appearance.

Experience advantage:

The company has technical team bus technique and design of more than ten years of experience, can provide complete solutions based on customer requirements.

Speed advantage:

Quote in 2 working days, provide samples based customer’s requirements, respond within 24H.

Quality advantage:

The product quality targets the international best level, 100% inspection before shipments. 

Cost advantage:

 Lean sigma is utilized in the company to reduce cost, for creating more value for the customers.

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